Selected Writings

An Artist Forces Us to Imagine a World Without Images
Carolyn Lazard, Long Take at ICA Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2023

Three Artists Reimagining the American Landscape
New Typologies at the Philadelphia Art Alliance
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2022

Tiny Workshop, Huge Impact
American Craft, 2020

Why Philly?
Produced by Ulises and Daniel Tucker for Common Field. Texts by Denise Brown, Rob Blackson, Vashti DuBois, Michael Clemmons & Ian Friday, Anthony Elms, Alexis Granwell, Amy Hicks, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela, Rana Fayez, Farrah Rahaman, Theresa Rose, Meredith Sellers, Li Sumpter, Nato Thompson, Ulises, and Carol Zou
Common Field, 2019

Paint Like a Long Distance Runner, or, The Phenomenology of the Everyday
Nathalie Du Pasquier at ICA Philadelphia
Notes (Published by ICA Philadelphia), 2017

Philadelphia’s Fight to Remove a Monument to a Former Mayor
The Frank Rizzo monument
Hyperallergic, 2017

The Political Problems of the Contemporary Flâneur
Person of the Crowd at the Barnes Foundation
Hyperallergic, 2017

New Jersey’s Million Acres of Otherworldly, Undeveloped Land
The Pine Barrens
Hyperallergic, 2017

A Female Pioneer of Electronic Music Retakes the Stage
Suzanne Ciani at Lightbox Film Center
Hyperallergic, 2017

Tripping Through an Artists’ Fabrications
Matt Freedman at Fjord Gallery
Hyperallergic, 2017

Plié Meets Twerk in a Performance of Black Queer Joy
Jumatatu Poe at ICA Philadelphia
Hyperallergic, 2017

3D-Rendered Visions of Dystopia, Inspired by the Housing Market Crash
Tim Portlock at Locks Gallery
Hyperallergic, 2017

Sexual and Playful Inflatable Bodies
Nancy Davidson at Lord Ludd
Hyperallergic, 2016

Learning to Read Objects like Letters
Gordon Hall at Temple Contemporary
Hyperallergic, 2016

The Personal and Poetic Prints of a Female Pioneer of Copier Art
Patti Hill at Arcadia University
Hyperallergic, 2016

Easternsports: Narcissus’ Reflecting Pool
Alex da Corte and Jayson Musson at ICA Philadelphia
The St. Claire, 2016

The Work of Art in the Age of Social Media
Barbara Kasten at ICA Philadelphia

ArtBlog, 2016

The Postmodern Political Art of 1990’s Mexico City
Strange Currencies at The Galleries at Moore
Hyperallergic, 2015

Reformation: Public Art and the Philadelphia School Closures
Pepón Osorio, reForm, at Temple Contemporary
Pelican Bomb, 2015